In every workforce there is a treasure chest of potential that can only be unlocked by deeply understanding human motivation. At each stage in life the chest closes and a new key is required to unlock it.

Providing the keys is our mission...

My Vision

I see workplaces where all workers are highly motivated, but are managed in subtly different ways. I see young managers being trained in advanced management skills and motivation techniques, related to career-stages. I see strategies in place for skills-capture and transfer, to safeguard valuable company skills and intellectual resources. I see development documentation that can be relevant to all workers, in all stages of their careers. Most importantly I see a future without ageism or prejudice, between and towards all parts of a workforce.

My goal is to work with and for organisations to fulfil this vision.

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They will become scarce!

Better start working with what you've got...

Over the next fifteen years demographics reveal a significant drop in the number of younger people entering the workplace, particularly in the western world. Companies need to start preparing for these changes now.

Are you taking this seriously enough?

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Recognize their talents and develop them...

Don't waste your ageing workforce!

Interestingly, talent recognition is usually directed at young people. Organisations which start to recognise and manage the talent of older workers in the near future, will gain a distinct competitive advantage.

How is your talent system set up?

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Or is it 'the beginning'?

When does your useful worklife end... 40's, 50's?

So often workers in their 40's and 50's only see a steady decline in work satisfaction ahead of them. Yet with a change of approach, businesses can manage ageing workforces proactively releasing untapped skills and experience to the benefit of the organisation.

Have you started this yet?

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Is this said where you work?

'We are so well motivated at work everything is possible...'

Human motivation is a complex topic. Managing it requires deep understanding, skill, and experience. The good news is that these attributes can be developed, particularly in younger managers and leaders.

What are you doing about this in your organisation?

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